Milwaukee: A City Intersected

Opening Reception Featuring, DJ Asher Diamonds
Sept 2, 2011 (5-8PM).
 @ Union Art Gallery2200 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53202

Artists include:A group exhibition of artists whose work tells stories about neighborhoods, people and communities in Milwaukee. A diverse array of artwork, including graffiti-based art, prints, paintings, photographs and more, including a mural created by youth from True Skool, a Milwaukee organization that provides arts education and community service opportunities to youth.

Michael Arms, N. Adam Beadel, Beata Chrzanowska, Mike Fredrickson, Kari Garon, Michael Goelzer, Mark David Gray, Jessica Kaminski, Chantala Kommanivanh, Sarah Luther, Greg Martens, Chris Miller, Kristopher Pollard, Nirmal Raja, Ric Stultz, Symphony Swan, Erin TerBeek, Dean Valadez, Maikue Vang, Matthew Vrabel, and True Skool.


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