Numbers are all around us; we are crunched into a world of numbers. Numbers is the universal language, it is way to keep order, and it is an identifier. I am a number like you are. I live in a house that is identified as number. To you I am Chantala Kommanivanh but to the one in control I am T-14920; 4934.

4934 is a self-portrait of myself as a boy looking out from 4934. I wanted to portray a violent and decaying exterior with an interior that leads to nowhere. Albany Park, Chicago in the 80’s and 90’s was a place where I learned to adapt to the interior and exterior. The painting is of a boy and it is my way of reflecting back to what made me the person I am today. It is my way of paying homage and my hopes to connect with viewers who grew up in similar low-budget environments and if not, I want the viewers to feel the image like a sucker punch to the gut.



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