The Collapse of a Mcdonaldlize Society

In collaboration with Muddy Water Sound Banks we finally turned out our last project as i depart on my journey. “The Collapse of a Mcdonaldlize Society” has been in the works since we wrapped up “plain and simple” which was released in winter 2008. “The Collapse..” contains 18 mouth savoring tracks produced by myself and Ubiquity (Mcdonaldlize Society). Selfish of the Green Llama clan also blessed us with beats and rhymes on a song entitled “the prestige”. Making this project has been a struggle and was difficult due to all the speed bumps but we pulled through with the help of our fellows. Special thanks goes out to Alicia Rodriguez, Pablo (La Armada), Orlando Prieto,Yusai Nakamura, Marmora, Decay & selfish (Green Llamas), and Dj Jaz (Alex Jasso) who came through and help with the fall of what may be the end….

“My Good Side” leads us into the beginning of what starts to fall apart. The new single contains a sample of Cocorosie’s classic song “by your side”. As the Beat is repeating “i will always be by your side” we all know as adults that this is not true in all relationships, romantically or whatever kind it is. How ever we tend to believe all things that is repeated; for example if there is a Mcdonald’s on every other block a half mile apart, our minds will believe they have tasty burgers, or if I were to dumb it down with the analogy of LIL Wayne’s new song being played 100 times a day and sells millions; our minds unfortunately concludes that he is best rapper alive. Take a listen for yourself “My Good Side” and make your own conclusion.

“The Collapse of Mcdonaldlize Society” Available September 2010


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